Bath School of Management

Seeing how other development teams work and code is always of interest.

The University of Bath’s School of Management wanted to update their website to match their bold new re-brand, whilst migrating all of their content over to the university’s bespoke content management system. This meant working within the confines of a carefully prescribed data structure, collaborating with the university’s digital team to design and build something that fit within the wider university context whilst still being distinctly "School of Management". As well as re-skinning existing components, we also worked with the university to devise several additional components, such as charts and infographics, as well as helping to rethink the university navigation.

I was heavily involved in refining the UX of the site, as well as completing the majority of front end development, integrating with the university’s coding standards, and learning a fair amount about ruby templating in the process.

The site is rolling out in a phased approach now.