Lego Batman: Battle for Gotham City

This fast-paced experiential game utilised 4 TV screens and a handheld mobile device, and challenged the player to aim and shoot as many targets across those 4 screens as they could within 60 seconds.

The Lego Batman themed experience was actually built to promote Sky broadband, as part of their partnership with The Lego Batman Movie. A semi-permanent installation was set up by Sky in London’s flagship Westfield shopping centre. Additionally, 2 smaller touring versions were taken to shopping centres around the country in order to make the most of the campaign over the course of its 8 week duration.

The biggest challenge was getting real-time orientation data out of the handheld controller, and synchronising this with the 4 TV screens in order to always show the player exactly where they were currently aiming. To add to the pressure, the entire game had to be built from scratch in the space of about 3 weeks, ready for immediate installation on-site at Westfield.

Seeing everything come together in a bespoke physical environment was amazing, and the response from users and from staff operating the exhibit was excellent. Overall, the project took the integration of web technology and real-world experience to another level for us, opening the doors to many new and exciting possibilities.