This tongue-in-cheek project was developed by Kerve for home security specialists ADT. As part of a marketing stunt to promote the company’s wider range of products, we developed the Motion Activated Identification Alarm, or "MAIA" for short.

The company wanted a small batch of fully-functioning miniature alarms, complete with motion-activated security cameras. Following some extensive electronics research and development, we came up with a solution consisting of a passive infrared motion sensor, an ultrasonic range sensor, and a digital camera component, all powered by a small Raspberry Pi computer.

My main job was then to scale down the company’s iconic alarm box, and engineer a solution for assembling everything together into a viable all-in-one package for a small production run of prototype units. These units were then sent to various members of the press, as well as being made available to a few lucky members of the public.

The final prototype products were capable of capturing a series of images, uploading these to a secure website and notifying users via text any time the alarm was activated, making them perfect for catching light-fingered pilferers in the act!