Meantime Transparent Touch Screen

Built for Meantime Brewing Company, the transparent touch screen is the ultimate product showcase.

Behind the 70" glass display, the core range of beer bottles almost float in the brightly lit cabinet space. Touch the screen in front of any bottle, however, and all of the product information appears before your eyes. Not only that, but the system is wirelessly connected to Meantime’s bespoke personalisation kit, meaning that you can use the interface to type up your own personalised beer label and have it printed onto your own bottle of beer.

Obviously, the project uses a lot of cutting edge technology, requiring specialist engineering well beyond my capabilities. However, I was responsible for the initial sketch phase of the product design, roughly defining the size, look and functionality of the unit. And, of course, I developed the touch interface, utilising familiar web technologies packaged up using Electron for a native feel and ease-of-use by staff.